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If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go accompanied.


Vila de Paz | Team

We try to walk with each person in every step of their evolution process, approaching their personal or psychological needs from a deep understanding of the human behavior as well as of the mental processes.

One of our main goals in psychotherapy is to create a space of basic trust, which is essential for the process to develop correctly and be visible. The patient must write that the professional gives the necessary Tools (professionally and personally) to make a positive change easier, committing to him or her.

Psychotherapy involves meeting a therapist either individually or in a couple. This must be done for a certain amount of time, during fixed and regular periods of time.

Our space

Different rooms designed in such a way that the user feels "at home", moving away from the stereotypes of a psychology consultation.
Each therapy room has an independent exit to the outside to preserve the privacy of the people who come to Vila de Paz.

Sala Karma - Vila de paz


Designed for individual therapy: Karma room, where green predominates.

Sala Dharma - Vila de paz


Designed for individual therapy: Dharma room, where blue predominates. It offers a much more intimate atmosphere thanks to the couch and armchair.

Sala ananda - Vila de paz


Space for children and adults, offering a study meeting area.


Space for therapeutic work with children open to the outside to provide a place of flow and free play. It is separated from the waiting room where parents are by a glass that remains sealed.

Espacio namasté - Vila de paz


Dedicated to family therapy, welcoming the user in a cozy living room.

Sala SHANTI - Vila de paz


Space for activities such as yoga, workshops, dance therapy, or nutrition. Also a space where a home welcomes friends and family.

PAtio OM - Vila de paz


Small piece of nature, thanks to the tree and grass where one can take off their shoes and touch "the ground with their feet".

Sala de espera - Vila de paz


Waiting room to receive clients and where entry is expected.

Our Services

Together we form an interdisciplinary team and the specialization of each one of us explains our reason for being.

Terapia Individual o grupal

Individual Therapy | group

Anxious, depressive disorders, phobias, existential crises, fears and any other psychological state that requires accompaniment.

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Terapia familiar sistémica

Systemic family therapy

Sessions of 1 hour and a half with the whole family to improve family dynamics and communication strategies.

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Retiros de Salud

Health Retreats

Weekends dedicated to health with the participation of different professionals in the field. Space for relaxation and well-being.

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Talleres de Autoestima

Self-esteem workshops

Group sessions to know our self-esteem and learn techniques for managing and improving it. Accompanied by professionals.

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Terapia de parejas

Couples therapy

Disposition of 2 therapists man & woman adapted to the individual and couple's needs.

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Escuela de Padres

Parent School

Activities that allow parents to share with others their experiences, fears, joys and difficulties to improve relationships.

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Crecimiento personal

Personal growth

Group spaces in which we talk about psychology and personal growth issues to get to know each other and enrich ourselves by knowing others.

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Técnicas de estudio

Study techniques

Help improve performance and facilitate the process of memorization and study.

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Relajación & Control Extrés

Relaxation Techniques

Relaxation sessions with a combination of several effective techniques such as Jacobson, controlled breathing, breathing in phases, etc.

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Relajación & Control Extrés

Workshops Equipment | Business

Encourage companies to achieve their great milestones through the professional and personal growth of employees.

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terapia por skype

Skype therapy

From the comfort of home, with the same quality of a face-to-face therapy.

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Terapia holística e integral

Holistic and comprehensive therapy · Home travel

It refers to the situations in which the psychologist travels to the person's home to carry out the sessions

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Terapia a personas con enfermedad mental · Família

Therapy for people with mental illnessFamily

We offer as a service family and personal assistance to people affected by mental illness and their families

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We know what we are, but not what we can be

Meet our team

Do not try to be the best of your team, try to make your team the best.

Sandra Perez

Sandra Pérez

General Health Psychologist

I'm Sandra Pérez, the director of the psychologists' office Vila de Paz. Bachelor in Psychology specialized in family and couples systemic therapy | Master in psychodynamic and humanistic therapies.

Ana Martínez

Ana Martínez

General Health Psychologist

I am Ana Martínez, General Health Psychologist, collaborator in Vila de Paz. Degree in Psychology (Santiago de Compostela) | Master in Family Therapy System focused on Solutions (Salamanca).

Alícia Hernández

Alícia Hernández


I'm Alícia Hernández, Psychologist, graduated in psychology from UIB | Master in therapy of acceptance and commitment (ACT institute, Madrid) | expert course childhood and adolescence from the commitment acceptance therapy (micpsy, Madrid)

Eduardo Prieto

Eduardo Prieto

General Health Psychologist and Hypnotherapist

I am Eduardo Prieto. General Health Psychologist and Hypnotherapist, collaborator in Vila de Paz. Degree in Psychology (UIB), Specialization itinerary in Clinical and Health Psychology, Master in Clinical Psychology in the Adult Area and trained in Clinical Hypnosis.

Neus Fuster - equipo Vila de paz

Neus Fuster

General Health Psychologist

I'm Neus Fuster, general health psychologist and collaborator in Vila de Paz. Graduated in Psychology (UIB and SICUE Scholarship at the University of Granada) | Master's Degree in General Health Psychology (Universitat de les Illes Balears) | University expert in psychosocial intervention, childhood, families and adolescence (SIAC Institute) | Professional care course for victims of sexist violence (Institut Balear de la Dona) | Volunteer at Temps de Nins.

Érika Pérez

Érika Pérez


I am Erika Pérez, a graduate psychologist with a degree in Psychology from UIB (University of the Balearic Islands), and a collaborator at Vila de Paz. I have specialized in child and adolescent psychology, completing the University Specialist Program in Early Intervention: Detection, Diagnosis, and Treatment for children aged 0-6 at UIB (2017). I have also received training in Breastfeeding at Blanquerna Ramon Llull University (2021) and Pediatric Sleep through Sleepy Kids (2023). Additionally, I have training in Animal-Assisted Therapies (Postgraduate UIB) and hold a CAP (Certificate of Pedagogical Aptitude) with a specialization in Educational Counseling (2020).

Silvia Mensa

Silvia Mensa


I'm Silvia Mensa, a Psychology graduate (UOC) and collaborator at Vila de Paz. I completed a Emotional Training Seminar at UOC on Emotional Intelligence. I pursued a Higher Degree in Dietetics, which allowed me to make my first contacts with psychology through eating behavior disorders. Later, I studied Psychology, where I discovered my interest in emotions and their connection with the body.

Forma parte del equipo - Vila de paz

Be part of the TEAM

If you would like to be part of our team you only have
to send us your CV so that we have it.

Sandra , the director of the center will assess your application
and will contact you if you meet the requirements.

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Blog vila de paz, donde podrás encontrar articulos muy interesantes.

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en nuestro encontrarás privacidad, profesionalidad y la máxima confidencialidad


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en nuestro encontrarás privacidad, profesionalidad y la máxima confidencialidad


Intimacy | Professional ethics

en nuestro encontrarás privacidad, profesionalidad y la máxima confidencialidad

Different specialties

6 licensed professionals

The questions + frequent

You have doubts? we answer the most frequent

How long have you been surviving? Survival is not living.

There are still many people who think that to go to the psychologist you have to have a serious disorder, when in reality people go to psychological therapy for reasons such as personal growth and self-knowledge, to acquire habits or skills that improve their adaptation to the environment that surround, to improve their relationships as a couple or family, to improve their way of working or to enhance their emotional intelligence, among others.

There are also people who believe that going to the psychologist is a symptom of weakness, when in reality it is a symptom of strength and courage and a way to become a much stronger person and prepared for what may arise in their day to day.

Psychotherapy helps you feel better, improve your self-confidence, provides you with tools to manage daily conflicts, helps you overcome limiting beliefs, allows you to live in harmony with the people with whom you relate, helps you to Finding your emotional balance helps you have a confidential space where you can tell your things and empowers you in life.

What is the psychotherapy?

One main objective of psychotherapy, is to create a basic trust space, necessary condition to make the process develop and possible. The patient must perceive that the profesional provides the necessary tools (personal and professionals) to enable the positive change, and make a commitment to him. The psychotherapy imply the gathering with a therapist as an individual patient or a couple, for a certain amount of time, at fixed and regular intervals.

Why would I have to go?

There are many reasons which may require to look for a psychologist´s help. Family issues, daily stress or job instability, may be one of the motives. But it also may require the professional help of a psychologist to improve our daily life, improve our skills and to be more wise about ourselves.

How often should i go?

We believe is necessary to visit the psychologist when we detect that one or more problems are blocking our life, flooding it with unpleasant feelings, preventing us from the joy of all it´s possitive and pleasant aspects. Consulting a psychologist does not mean being failed in the mission of conducting our life, it neather means being crazy, it is simply recognizing that in a specific moment we need the trust of an external person who listens us from their experience.

Why choosing a specialist?

The psychology is the science that study all the complex aspects of the psychic human functioning: learning, emotions, thinking and all the possible influencing external or internal factors in the human behaviour. The role of psychology is so wide, that is impossible for one professional to deeply cover all the areas in the theoric knowledge and acquire an acceptable management of all the techniques.

How long does a treatment last?

The evolution of the therapeutic process is not linear, but there are a series of peacks of improvement, interlayered by peacks of stagnation or even worsening of symptoms. This evolution is because a natural tendency to follow the patterns of thinking and behaviour that we had established.

How can I make an appointment?

You have 3 ways to do it, choose the one that suits you:

Visit us | Plaça d'es Cos 1 | Manacor, Manacor

Envíanos un correo |

Call us (Monday to Friday | 09:00-19:00) | 617 38 78 28

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