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What is this therapy about?

During couples therapy we offer attention to marriages, couples and families that require it in order to provide the right therapeutic help according to their needs.

From orientation in relationship crisis to riskier problematics that would need a more intensive approach, all from a systemic perspective. This therapies are aimed at:

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Strengthen ties & relationship

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Families with children

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Couples in conflict

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Rebuilt families

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Separated or in process parents

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Family carers

Family therapy

¿What is this therapy about?

The Systemic Psychological Family Therapy is presented as a systematic and scientific way ofapproximation and representation of the reality from a holistic and integrating perspective, where what is important are the relationships and the components which emerge from them.

Therefore, its study and practice stresses the importance in the relation and communication in any group of interaction, understood as a system. That focus is also extended to individuals, taking into account the different systems which form their context.

The therapy understands the problems from a context and focuses on understanding and changing the dynamics of the relationships (family, work, etc.)

It is understood that roles and behaviours of the people in these contexts are determined by implied rules of this system and the interaction of its members. The system components enter into relation through the communication, one of the keys of the therapy.

The Brief Therapy is a set of interventional procedures and techniques which try to help individuals, couples, families and groups to mobilize their resources to achieve their goals as soon as possible.

Vila de Paz Psychology Cabinet provides...

Experts with a Master in Systemic Family Therapy and training in systemic pedagogy.

Family is our origin and first group of reference, therefore, with a personal problem, the therapeutic work with the whole family enhances exponentially the therapeutic advances, helps to improve the family dynamics and gives strategies to improve the effective and affective communication, promoting the recovery of healthy roles.

The Systemic Therapy understands that the problem is not only of the person who assist to therapy, but also of the interaction of every member in the family system and if they take or not their rightful healthy role in that family system.

The systemic therapists help systems to find the balance. In the Systemic Family Therapy thereare studies of Bert Hellinger about family constellations and its particular way to target thefamily systems. Regarding this work method, two of the therapists in our cabinet are training in this discipline for the past two years.

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