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What constitutes the therapy?

The concept of Personal Growth indicates a process of evolution, of being prepared for the next thing to come and creating strong personal foundations that give us a better quality of life as human beings.

The process is directed towards self – awareness, satisfaction and self – support; that is, to make the person responsible for himself, for what he feels, what he thinks and what he does; and that he manages to integrate it

The practice of listening and self – observation helps to discover in which areas the person flows and in which he is blocked.

Knowing yourself, as your own limits, is what will allow a better quality of life. These workshops raise the level of consciousness achieving a clearer picture of what someone feels, thinks, wants, is concerned, etc.

It also helps us detect limiting beliefs and thoughts and change these beliefs for more empowering ones. In addition, any group space allows us to improve social skills, to be able to communicate more effectively.

Begin to undertake certain actions and changes in life, such as starting a therapy of this type, will lead to achieve goals and objectives, connected with the real needs of the person, and will give a greater meaning to life, learning to organize better, moving more effectively to get what you really want and, ultimately, feeling more alive

Often, the "trigger" to start psychotherapy of this type is a punctual crisis: couple’s separation, important changes, existential or anxiety crises or depression. Faced with these difficulties, a directed motivation to live more fully arises. From now on, to the extent that one is realizing the benefits that therapy can provide, it will go beyond eliminating specific symptoms and betting on greater personal integration.

Many times people are not aware of what is happening to them: perhaps, they tend to blame others or believe that their problem has no solution, and therefore it is not worth bothering to seek help, or simply deceive themselves believing that their life is more or less like the one that most people have.

  • You are interested in improving the quality of your life.
  • You want to know yourself better and have a fuller life.
  • Desire and concern to dedicate to your personal growth.
  • You need a new approach that fills you up and makes you think.
  • You want to experience something new.
  • You look for a place where you can express yourself freely.
  • You would like to meet people with your same concerns.

The psychology office Vila de Paz has a...

Group dynamics in which topics of psychology and personal growth are discussed in order to enrich ourselves by knowing others. Directed only to people who have undergone a psychological treatment prior to the dynamics and who are in a vital moment with openness and willingness to evolve personally and emotionally.

The workshops are oriented towards the creation of a group space where it is possible to therapeutically develop the human potentialities of each individual.

These potentialities are generally held back by internal conflicts typical of any life crisis, which are expressed both individually and in relation to others.

It is about getting a greater degree of awareness of the limitations that we all have as human beings; As well as pursuing a higher degree of emotional intelligence, to let us help in difficult moments of our lives, increasing our self – awareness, mobilizing us towards positive changes and, above all, achieving the necessary courage not to resign ourselves to living in any way and in our area of comfort.

Everyone needs to stop and reflect at certain moments of their life.

Self–Esteem workshop

What constitutes the therapy?

Group or individual sessions are held to know and to learn how to manage and improve it. From the psychological point of view, it can be said that:

Self – esteem is the developable ability to experience existence, aware of our potential and our real needs; to love unconditionally and trust us to achieve goals, regardless of the limitations we may have or the external circumstances generated by the different contexts in which we have to interact.

  • It is a natural resource in humans
  • Existing relation to the experience of life
  • Related to be aware of our potentials and needs
  • Related to self – confidence
  • External events should not necessarily affect it
  • Related to unconditional love towards oneself
  • Orients the action towards achieving goals
  • You fit and you have a lot to give and receive
  • The conviction that what I am is enough to work
  • The reputation I have to myself

The psychology office Vila de Paz has a...

Training sessions for teaching methodology for effective study and academic orientation. The Psychology Cabinet has a psychologist and counsellor specialized in teaching these techniques as well as in having experience with children and adolescents in its application.

The psychologist acts as a guide aiming at the acquisition and development of cognitive and attention strategies, increasing motivation and promoting a positive attitude towards study.

If you think your child can do more and doesn’t know how to study, if you think your child is lost and doesn’t know which career to choose, call us without hesitation and we will help you facilitate these processes.

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