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Sandra Pérez

General Health Psychologist

I studied nursing at the University of Santiago de Compostela and later the specialty in mental health, an area that has always fascinated me. While working as a psychiatric nurse, I was studying a Psychology degree and after finishing it I specialized in family and couples systemic therapy. I completed a master's degree in psychodynamic and humanistic therapies at the University of Santiago de Compostela and studied my doctorate at the University of the Balearic Islands. I started my work as a clinical psychologist more than 15 years ago and previously as a nurse I already saw people with serious mental illness with whom I worked.

For 2 years I specialized in Systemic Pedagogy to also be able to develop a complement to systemic psychology in the most infantile area. I have not stopped doing and teaching in the area of mental health since I graduated as a psychologist because I am passionate about the study and deep knowledge of people and myself.

experiencia profesional en el sector

I worked as coordinator of Nursing in the Psychiatry Unit of the Son Llátzer Hospital of which I was the initiator in the assembly process and later as a collaborator in the assembly of the Psychiatry Unit of the Hospital of Manacor where I worked 2 years as a nurse in that unit. I asked for a leave of absence in the hospital to start a project for people with mental illness from home care in the Association Estel de LLevant where I currently work as coordinator of the job placement service for people with mental illness.

I was also 9 years of associate professor at the University of the Balearic Islands in the department of mental health nursing giving the subjects of psychology and relaxation techniques. Nearly 10 years ago I founded the Psychology Department Vila de Paz and currently I work in it coordinating a team of wonderful specialists in various areas of child and youth psychology, family, couples, phobias, anxiety, depression, etc.

I teach courses to hospitals, hotels, town halls, primary and secondary schools on leadership and effective communication in teams, a subject that I am passionate about and it enriches me enormously.

I love working with couples and families to try to help restore healthy order and get out of the pathological games in which we all fall once and from within we are unable to recognize.

Of all, what I enjoy most, is to help people to find themselves, recognize their abilities, look at their lights and transcend their shadows accompanying them to see the best version of themselves in this beautiful way of life.