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What is the therapy?

activities are carried out that allow mothers and fathers to share their experiences, fears, joys and difficults with other persons, in this way, when parents are interacting with others, family relationships can be better and favorable. the sessions can be realized on any organization, schools or in Vila de Paz / Psychology Department. the topics to be discussed may be anyone that represent preoccupation or interest. This school will always try to address the subject in question and providing information from an optimist and motivating perspective for families.

this school will always try to address the subject in question and providing information from an optimist and motivating perspective for families. encouraging the search of solutions and trying to use the series of guidelines and tools that help to carry out their important work as mothers and fathers.

Some proposals by mother and father schools:

  • Promotion of health in the family
  • Alimentation and physical activity
  • Sexual education
  • Preventions of addictions
  • Conflicts resolution at school
  • Promotion of reading
  • Habits and study strategies
  • Communication strategies
  • Teenage personality development
  • To educate for leisure and free time
  • Enhance the self-esteem of teenagers
  • Addictions and new technologies
  • Social networks and Internet
  • School failure
  • Adolescence and sexuality
  • Eating disorder
  • Self-esteem
  • Limits and positive authority
  • Educational style of parents
  • Social abilities: request and criticism
  • Prevention of childhood and adolescent obesity
  • Much more…

Vila de Paz Psychology Department has...

Parent orientation sessions, both personal and group so that the relationship between parents and children is fluid and harmonious. That´s why is important that we learn as parents to generate a good family communication and that is the objective of the workshops.

The education that parents providing to their sons is fundamental for their future. If you want to learn to communicate with your children, you can come to our office where you will find a specialist in relation to parents and children, offering advice and solutions for that your family relationships to be healthy and fluid.

The base of education of children is in the family, however it is a task for which it is not prepared for parents, present or future. In our society, in our society, families today are facing a society that has evolved very quickly, and with it, family, youth and the environment have also been profoundly transformed. Thus, we often find that fathers and mothers do not have the tools to face new challenges. They can be requested by educational centers, organizations such as town halls and associations that wish it and the families themselves.

The approximate duration of the workshops is one and a half hours each session.

They usually present a topic and work in groups if the topic lets the development of some activity or theoretical-practical dynamics as well as time for comments, debate and questions.

With this model of work, it is intended to be a dynamic and participatory activity, in which there is space for reflection and communication between families.

Some family talks carried out:

Adolescence and personality disorders / Drugs as a trigger factor for serious mental disorders | TDA why? The psychologists of Vila de Paz have carried out many preventive talks on mental disorders in institutes of all Mallorca.

Study techniques

What the therapy consists in?

Study skills training are a basic tool in education to facilitate the ability of understanding and processing information to the study.

The acquisition of skills and strategies concerning the study can facilitate to the child or adolescent thi experience, getting a bigger motivation and better academic performance.

Before you begin with the training of study techniques, the psychologist assesses different factors that they can influence the situation and the problem:

  • Environmental context in which the student develops his work
  • Cognitive and intellectual abilities of child / adolescent
  • Knowledge of techniques of study that it uses and how it works
  • Attitude and motivation to study
  • Coping abilities and solving problems
  • Existence of problems in student’s life

The psychology office Vila de Paz has a ..

Training sessions for teaching methodology for effective study and academic guidance. The Psychology Cabinet has a psychologist and counselor specialized in teaching these techniques as well as experience with children and adolescents in its application.

The psychologist acts as a guide having as goal the acquisition and development of cognitive and attention strategies, increasing motivation and promoting a positive attitude towards study.

If you think your child can surrender more and he doesn’t know the way to study, if you think your child is lost and he doesn’t know about a career, call us without doubt and we’ll help to ease these process..

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